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11+ Preparation

Leading the Way to 11+ Victory

What Sets Us Apart?

Discover the Difference: Unbeatable Prices and Value Await! Explore to learn about our exceptional offerings:

Personalised Online Tutoring 🚀

Discover the effectiveness of our small group tutoring sessions (1-3 peers), precisely tailored to your child's learning style and pace. Witness their rapid advancement and boosted confidence as they engage in focused learning alongside peers of comparable skill levels.

Customized Notes and Targeted Practice 📝

After every tutoring session, your child will receive template notes and practice questions crafted by our experienced tutors. These resources will consolidate the lesson's key points and offer targeted practice to enhance understanding.

Access to 11+ Online Course 💡

Access to a full-fledged online 11+ preparatory course that covers essential topics and concepts. 100+videos and 8000+ practice questions. Synergy between our tutoring sessions and the course content to reinforce learning.

 Unlimited 24/7 Support 📞

We stand by your child's side, providing unwavering support whenever they need it. Our dedicated tutors are just a message or an email away, ensuring no question goes unanswered and no challenge goes unresolved.

Book your assessment and unlock a free trial of our comprehensive programme. We want you to experience first-hand the value and support we provide, tailored to your child's needs. Limited spots available.

Elevate Confidence with Realistic Mock Exams 📊

Gain access to mock exams designed to simulate the actual 11+ exam. These are instantly marked online or can be printed for convenient assessment. We'll help your child practise time management, refine their strategies, and build confidence.

Stay Motivated: 
Introducing Our Reward Scheme 🎁

Motivation can be a challenge, but we're here to turn that around! Our innovative reward scheme offers your child tangible incentives to stay dedicated. Imagine earning a £10 gift card by reaching learning milestones on our online course. It's a win-win – you make progress, and we celebrate your commitment

🏆 Transform Your Child's 11+ Journey Today!

Don't Just Take Our Word!



“I'm amazed by the remarkable progress my child has made since enrolling. Highly recommend for any parent seeking quality 11+ exam support!".

Thrilled Parent, London

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