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11+ Preparation Services

We offer an unmatched, ultimate 11+ preparation package designed to equip your child with the skills, confidence, and resources they need to excel in the 11+ examination. 


Personalised Online Tutoring🚀

Small Group Sessions (1-3 peers): Personalised tutoring sessions tailored to your child's needs and learning pace. These lessons will run x3 a week and will cover one subject from the 11 plus syllabus.

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Customized Notes and Targeted Practice 📝

After every tutoring session, your child will receive template notes and practice questions crafted by our experienced tutors. These resources will consolidate the lesson's key points and offer targeted practice to enhance understanding.


Access to 11+ Online Course 💡

Access to a full-fledged online 11+ preparatory course with 100+ interactive video lessons and 8000+ questions to solidify understanding of key concepts from lesson. (2).png

Unlimited 24/7 Support 📞

We stand by your child's side, providing unwavering support whenever they need it. Our dedicated tutors are just a message or an email away, ensuring no question goes unanswered and no challenge goes unresolved.


Elevate Confidence with Realistic Mock Exams 📊

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Stay Motivated: 
Introducing Our Reward Scheme 🎁

Gain access to mock exams designed to simulate the actual 11+ exam. These are instantly marked online or can be printed for convenient assessment. We'll help your child practise time management, refine their strategies, and build confidence.

Motivation can be a challenge, but we're here to turn that around! Our innovative reward scheme offers your child tangible incentives to stay dedicated. Imagine earning a £10 gift card by reaching learning milestones on our online course. It's a win-win – you make progress, and we celebrate your commitment.

Experience the Full Power of Our Resources and Support!
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Understanding the 11+ Exam

The 11+ exam, is a selective entrance examination that assesses students' academic abilities and determines their suitability for secondary grammar schools in the United Kingdom. The exam typically covers four key subjects: English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. It is administered by various exam boards across different regions, each with its own format and content. Click here to find your exam board.

This section assesses a range of language skills and comprehension abilities. The focus is on reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling, grammar and punctuation. Some exams include a creative writing task as well.  


This section is designed to assess the student's ability to analyse and manipulate language-based information. Tasks include word classification, word analogies, code breakers, letter and number series, logical deduction and critical thinking.


The mathematics section of the 11+ extends beyond the national curriculum. Students are assessed on arithmetic tasks, number patterns, word problems, geometry and shapes, measurements, data interpretation, and more.


The non-verbal reasoning segment of the 11+ exam involves visual puzzles, shape recognition, analogies, and pattern completion. It challenges students to interpret visual patterns, assess relationships between shapes, and deduce logical sequences.

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